Start Your Vehicle Anywere

Cold weather, hot weather, and leaving your lights on are all causes of your vehicle battery going dead or coming to the end of its life.  It can be costly, but you can quickly get a replacement.

Jumper cables are great to have for that moment when your car battery suddenly won’t start your vehicle.  Most people are known to be generous so getting someone to jump start your vehicle with jumper cables is often not too difficult.

But what do you do when you are literally in the middle of nowhere?

The best solution that we could think of was a portable jump starter.

I remember when I went to college and jump starters were becoming popular.  My parents purchased me one right before I headed off to school.  It was one of the clunky and large lead acid versions.  It saved me a few times when I was out by myself driving back and forth to school on a five hour trip.  The main issue that I had was the size and also sometimes I would forget to charge the battery before heading back to school or home.

Thankfully now we have lithium ion batteries.  This has allowed companies to put more power in smaller designs.  All thanks to Dr. Goodenough who lives in Texas and is the individual who pioneered the lithium battery that makes cell phones, laptops, and most modern portable devices possible.  

The benefit lithium gives is the ability to have a smaller jump starter that keeps a charge longer (can last 6 months or more) and is lightweight.

In conclusion, we decided to sell NOCO jump starters. Our engineers have tested them and think they are the best on the market. We also like that the higher power models can even start a Class A RV with ease.