15A UltraSafe Battery Charger with JumpCharge Engine Start


15A UltraSafe Battery Charger with JumpCharge Engine Start


The NOCO 15A smart charger is perfect for safely and efficiently charging and maintaining 12 volt lithium ion and AGM batteries as well as 12 and 24 volt lead acid batteries.  With its compact size and built in microprocessor, the G15000 is perfect for charging batteries up to 400Ah as well as jump starting dead batteries.


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Model: G15000
  • Voltage
  • Jump Start
  • Amperage
  • 5 Years Limited Warranty
  • A 12V and 24V automatic battery charger and maintainer.

  • Charges lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries up to 400 amp-hours.

  • Recovers deeply discharged batteries down to 2-volts.

  • Spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection.

  • Built-in battery desulfator to recover worn-out batteries.

  • Safely monitors battery actively with zero overcharge.

  • Advanced diagnostics indication for damaged batteries.

  • Progressive repair mode for heavily sulfated 12V batteries.

  • Power supply for charging a car battery or powering 12V devices.

  • Jumpcharge engine starting for dead batteries.


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